Snow is the reason many enjoy Wintergreen in the winter. While WPOA has extensive equipment with a first-rate crew to keep the roads clear, travel in the winter at Wintergreen requires extra caution and care from drivers. Snow and ice can make roads unpredictable. The Wintergreen Property Owners Association offers these proven safety suggestions to their members and visitors as they travel to and from Wintergreen in the winter:

WPOA maintains this  list of snowplow services .     More on being prepared for winter storms  here

WPOA maintains this list of snowplow services.

More on being prepared for winter storms here

  • Carefully and regularly check the weather forecast for Wintergreen (see here) and plan accordingly. Wintergreen mountain tops out at 3850 feet. When winter weather elsewhere in Virginia is light rain, on the mountain here it can be heavy snow or ice.
  • Property owners should be ready either to clear snow from their driveway themselves or pre-arrange for a private contractor to clear it. WPOA can provide names of companies in that business, or check the list here.
  • Have a snow shovel and other appropriate supplies at your Wintergreen home and in your car. Plan ahead. Supplies in Virginia can become scarce during a storm, assuming you can get to a store.
  • Four-wheel drive vehicles or chains are best during snowy travel.
  • As the snow falls, please expect to see snow bermed at the entrance of some driveways during street plowing. After the roads are clear, WPOA then works to clear entrances and exits.
  • No matter the weather or road conditions, do not hesitate to call 911 for medical or other emergencies. WPOA stands ready to direct all its resources for a timely response to time-critical situations.

Snowfall in the Blue Ridge is truly beautiful, but it is best enjoyed by being prepared and patient. 

More on being prepared for winter storms here