Road Drainage on the Mountain

The science of erosion control often boils down to reducing the amount of water on a given surface or the speed of the water. The better solutions often will cut both the volume of water and speed of the water. See the example here

Gravel build-up along Wintergreen mountain's sloped roadways can lead to less than ideal drainage. While WPOA continues to seek alternatives to paving and the use of the winter road treatments, which may contribute to the poor drainage situation, there is not a miracle solution at present. The work done by WPOA's crews to counteract these problems is effective in all but the most severe circumstances.

By monitoring their property along the roadway, owners can help WPOA staff, community, and themselves. Efforts that property owners make to prevent build-up or promote proper drainage on Wintergreen's roads frees the staff to undertake more permanent fixes and, as a result, keep association dues lower. Property owners seeking further assistance on drainage issues or seeking guidance for a particular property can call 434-325-8528. 

Real-world solutions to drainage problems here have included:

  • paving gravel driveways;
  • keeping ditches and culverts free of leaves/debris/gravel or sediment;
  • mowing along the right-of-way; or
  • planting a ground cover along bare banks to prevent sediment erosion into the drainage system. 

WPOA staff can provide ideas and suggestions and, in some cases, may partner in the execution of a solution to a property owner's drainage problems. 

Effective drainage prevents property damage downstream, maintains water quality in our roadways, recharges our precious groundwater supply, and maintains a higher aesthetic for the entire Wintergreen community.