Water conservation urged during dry period

August’s low rainfall led to diminished stream flow which has led to signs going up on Wintergreen mountain saying “Level 1 water restrictions” are in place. Stoney Creek households are also advised to take notice.

“While level 1 restrictions are voluntary, we ask that you do all you can to conserve water until stream levels return to normal,” Wintergreen Property Owners Association Executive Director Jay Roberts said in a September 4 message to all property owners, with a link to the mountain’s water and sewer authority’s announcement.

While the announcement came from the water and sewer service for the mountain, WPOA’s Roberts says, “Whenever we have drought conditions, we encourage all owners to conserve.” AQUA customers in Stoney Creek rely on wells and the groundwater is likely at risk during dry conditions.

In its announcement, the Nelson County Service Authority said it was, “imposing a voluntary water conservation measure of all water use and to reduce or stop all ‘outside water’ use.”

After the severe drought in 2002 a thorough review of water supply sources for the Wintergreen community was completed, Roberts noted. This multi-year study established benchmarks to provide early warnings.

“It is the responsibility of us all to make sure the Wintergreen Conservation Plan is adhered to as closely as possible,” the NCSA statement concluded.