New multi-year plan for music festival and academy released

Wintergreen Resort’s new management “is committed to enhancing public awareness of the Resort as a vibrant and attractive summer destination.”
— Wintergreen Music Strategic Plan

Its long-standing commitment to classical music will continue, according to the new strategic plan for Wintergreen Music and its flagship offering, the Wintergreen Music Festival and Academy.

The board of director’s vision includes working to continue to attracting, "world-class professional musicians from symphony orchestras and chamber music groups across the country."

Wintergreen Music’s email that went out to the community on August 21st announcing the strategic plan noted that, "We now need to raise over $60,000 over the next six weeks to complete our Summer Campaign before the close of our fiscal year. In order to meet that goal, we are pleased to share that the Board will match, dollar-for-dollar, gifts made before September 30 with a matching fund of $30,000.” See details and how to donate here.

"We face the same array of challenges that most arts nonprofit organizations confront," the new plan notes. The efforts in the coming years, therefore, will focus on raising more money, improving marketing to "raise the profile" of the organization's programs, and ongoing attention to "artistic excellence."

Wintergreen Resort's new management "is committed to enhancing public awareness of the Resort as a vibrant and attractive summer destination, creating an opportunity for aligned growth of the Wintergreen Music Festival and Academy," the plan states on page one under "strengths and opportunities."

Throughout the plan there is attention given to facilities and venues. For example, the new plan of the Wintergreen Music organization (called Wintergreen Performing Arts until this year) has goals over the next several years such as:

  • Hiring a part-time staffer on year-round basis to recruit free and reduced-cost housing for musicians, students, and staff.

  • Working out a long-term arrangement with the resort on the organization’s, including dining space, practice and lesson spaces, community gathering areas, office presence, and performance venues.

  • Improving signage to events.

  • Addressing creature comforts such as tent temperature, seating, and clear walkways.

  • Identifying “a central meeting place” to gather at the summer festival for students, professionals, and patrons.

  • Finding new practice and rehearsal spaces for musicians and students.

  • Looking for additional “high-potential and creative performance spaces” in the area.

  • Modernizing and "further professionalize" production of performances, refining the patron experience.

  • Investing in updated technology for the main performance areas and satellite locations, including amplification, recording, and lighting.

In a note under “community,” Wintergreen Music’s plan for the next several years states, "Our surveys indicate that one of the most attractive features of the Festival and Academy is the strong sense of community that is fostered between patrons, volunteers, artists, and students.

“Additionally, we are aware that the Wintergreen community sits in Nelson County, an area with a wide socio-economic divide. We take seriously our opportunity and obligation to educate, inspire, and unite this broader community."