Summer music festival venues have new locations

The 2019 summer music festival’s primary performance space is still on the mountain, but it has moved to a more convenient location. The huge white tent that creates the Dunlop Pavilion, the main performance venue for the Wintergreen Music Festival, will be near Wintergreen Adaptive Sports’ building (Lot 2 at Wintergreen Resort). This area will also have the ticket booth, a beverage booth, and social area. Handicap accessible parking will also be located on Lot 2.

The Michael White Performance Center was moved to the slopes behind Wintergreen Resort’s Mountain Inn where the Dunlop Pavilion took for years. Some handicap accessible parking for this space will be available on the slope near Skyline Pavilion. This tent (which will be larger this year) holds seminars, academy performances, and masterclasses for Wintergreen Music (formally called Wintergreen Performing Arts).

See more details on where to parking, where to find refreshments, and bathrooms at the summer music festival HERE.