WTG Rescue Squad recognized as outstanding

Wintergreen’s EMS organization brought home three major awards at the annual awards ceremony of the Thomas Jefferson Emergency Medical Service Council on May 22.

Wintergreen Rescue Squad was named Outstanding EMS Agency by the council. 

“It's really difficult to know or explain precisely why exactly we were selected,” says Wintergreen Chief of Fire & Rescue, Curtis Sheets. “Our entire scope of work was reviewed by a selection panel.  One thing is for sure, every single person associated with our agency–volunteers, career personnel, auxiliary, and the various political boards which support us–deserve thanks.  This is a true collective effort.

The product we deliver is often very easy to see.  The work that each of you puts in is often less obvious.
— Chief Curtis Sheets to his EMS crew

“The product we deliver is often very easy to see.  The work that each of you puts in is often less obvious,” Sheets told his crew. “I'm very pleased that each of you have been recognized in this way.”  This was the fifth time in 20 years Wintergreen has been selected as the Outstanding EMS Agency. 

The Outstanding Pre-Hospital Educator Award went to Wintergreen’s Chief of EMS Operations, Mike Riddle. 

“Among other things, Mike was instrumental in the development of an "In-County" EMT program which certified a dozen new EMTs in Nelson County last year,” Sheets noted. “Hundreds of hours went into this and our entire community will be the benefactor.” 

The award for Outstanding contribution to EMS by a Physician went to Wintergreen Rescue Squad President Dr. Wayne Hachey. 

“Wayne not only puts in the hard work as board president, but has recently ‘challenged’ the paramedic exam so that he can provide medic-level care,” Sheets says. “Additionally, Wayne and his wife Kathy (a retired nurse) are very active as volunteers with Remote Area Medical, a group which provides free medical services to people in need.”

The Thomas Jefferson EMS Council includes Nelson, Albemarle, Greene, Madison, Louisa, and Fluvanna counties, as well as the City of Charlottesville. “The level of professionalism Curtis Sheets’ team provides to our community is extraordinary,” notes Jay Roberts, executive director of the Wintergreen Property Owners Association. “As most anyone who has experienced our EMS crews’ skills first-hand will attest, these honors are well-deserved.”

Mike Riddle

Mike Riddle

Dr. Wayne Hachey

Dr. Wayne Hachey