Monocan Drive & Stoney Creek West now 100% smooth asphalt

Work completed in early May installed a high-quality asphalt road surface on Monocan Drive from Hunters Point to where it ends at Rodes Valley Drive, and also on Stoney Creek West from Monocan Drive to the upper end of Black Walnut Drive.

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The new road surface is as good or better than the surface on the part of Monocan Drive that now runs from Route 151 to Hunters Point.

As frequent drivers on Monocan Drive know, the road surface of Monocan Drive coming from Route 151 changed a great deal starting at Hunters Point. This is because the Virginia Department of Transportation has responsibility for the first section of the two-lane blacktop. All of the sections paved this spring are the responsibility of the Wintergreen Property Owners Association.

All of Monocan Drive and Stoney Creek West now get enough traffic to justify the higher-quality surface, explains Mitchell Barker, WPOA's director of infrastructure and roads. Some 3445 tons of asphalt will be used on this project.

The work was done by Adams Construction of Harrisonburg, Va., a contractor used by the state on its highways.