Sewer rate increase of 5 percent proposed for WTG mountain

Update: A 10% water rate increase and 15% sewer rate increase was approved for Wintergreen mountain in July 2019. Rates for water and sewer are now $46.00 and $54.10 respectively, the News & Advance reported.

From the News & Advance

The Nelson County Service Authority is proposing an increase in water and sewer rates that could be implemented for the first time in eight years.

In the 2018-2019 fiscal year budget, the service authority board approved a 5 percent sewer rate increase to pay for the future Wintergreen Wastewater Treatment Plant project, but it was never implemented because it was too early in the project to justify raising customers’ rates

“2,354 of the authority's 2,916 connections are in Wintergreen,” George Miller, executive director, said.

The anticipated capital expenses for the 2020 fiscal year include the 11th green/fairway main installation project at Wintergreen Resort, the purchase of new fleet and equipment, and the beginning stages of the Wintergreen Wastewater Treatment Plant project, which includes a preliminary engineering report.

The service authority is unlikely to break even this year, after receiving lower than projected revenue. According to the service authority, revenue was lower than expected, because Wintergreen Resort had a slower than anticipated season. The authority relies on the resort’s busy winter months to meet its projected revenue and expenses each year.

From the Nelson County Service Authority website

Wintergreen Wastewater Treatment Plant Project

Preliminary work is underway to expand the design flow capacity while upgrading the level of treatment to meet the Enhanced Nutrient Removal requirements for reduced nitrogen and phosphorous discharge limits in accordance with the Chesapeake Bay Protection Plan this project will also include a comprehensive Infiltration & Inflow study, increase the equalization basin storage capacity and evaluate the electrical and generator power supplies.