Tuckahoe Clubhouse's patio renovation completed; more changes are coming

Tuckahoe Clubhouse's renovation of the large rear patio are in place, reports Karen Asher, one of the WPOA board members appointed to consider and oversee the clubhouse's needs.

Besides being much more attractive, Asher says the improvements on this property owners' amenity include:

  • New “brushed” (non-slip) concrete pad.

  • The tent is replaced by a wooden pavilion-style roof.

  • Wired lighting, electrical outlets, and ceiling fans.

  • Accommodation for a sound system.

  • Provisions for installation of permanent screens at a later date.

  • Provision for installation of a brick fireplace at a later date.

  • Convenient placement of the picnic tables in the mulched play area at the end of the school section.

"This work on the clubhouse pavilion was funded with the Tuckahoe Clubhouse Reserve Fund which we have built up over the years by sponsoring plays, dinners, flea markets and other events," says Asher.

"Thank-you for all you have contributed to this fund over the years to build this fund. Please continue to help rebuild the fund by supporting the Annual Tuckahoe Clubhouse Flea market in early September," she notes.

The Tuckahoe School which was operated by Linda Roberts has closed. The school end of the building will be taken over by other uses. Exactly how the space will be used has not been decided by WPOA.

"Quick, small renovations (clean-up, patching, and painting) are underway in order to make the two large classrooms usable and available for card groups, and small exercise groups," says Asher.

"Since the school closed before the anticipated time frame, there was no budget planned for alterations," notes Asher, adding, "The building may be needed as temporary office space during pipeline construction.

"For now, it will be nice to have card tables and chairs set up permanently for all of the different card groups. There will also be an EMT emergency services group, August through early December, in one of the rooms. This will significantly free-up the main meeting room for other events such as parties, gatherings, and meetings."