New police car features a new look

In April Wintergreen Police took delivery on a new Ford Police Interceptor Sedan, which is a souped-up version of Ford's Taurus specially equipped for police use. The car is not an addition to the fleet but replaces a high-mileage patrol car. The black color with the large white graphics is not a Wintergreen design, but a standard issue from Ford for the police. 

The car's back seat is not built for safety, not comfort. Made especially for working police vehicles, the rear seat is constructed of hard ABS material that is easy to clean and difficult to damage. The partition between the driver and the passenger is constructed of polycarbonate and 14-gauge steel.

At about the same time the car appears at Wintergreen, Ford made the surprise announcement that it would stop manufacturing the Taurus, and the Police Interceptor Sedan, next March.