Tuckahoe Clubhouse is losing its school

The news that Tuckahoe School would close down in May came as a surprise to the Wintergreen community

The building that is now known as the Tuckahoe Clubhouse was not built to be the gathering place for meetings, parties, yoga sessions, bridge tournaments and voting. (See the calendar of events for Tuckahoe here.)

In the beginning, the entire building was a preschool and kindergarten for the community. Only later was one wing turned into a gathering place for the overall community. 

This winter long-time owner of the school decided to retire. Linda Roberts has stressed that there was no pressure on her to leave, that the Wintergreen community had always been supportive and appreciative of her small school.

What's next? Jay Roberts, Executive Director of the Wintergreen Property Owners Association, says the board and management will move slowly regarding the next steps for Tuckahoe, including discussions with members of the community about how best to use the space that is becoming available.  

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Tuckahoe School was a community asset

For three decades the Tuckahoe School at Wintergreen has been a part of Linda Robert’s life. Now she is retiring. See Blue Ridge Life's feature HERE.

Construction on the clubhouse's new patio is on schedule.

Construction on the clubhouse's new patio is on schedule.