Pipeline work on WPOA property has started

WPOA sent out this update on March 9th:

Dominion has completed tree cutting on WPOA land adjacent to the mountain community entry and exit. The result is a landscape that is dramatically different and will only increase our resolve in holding Dominion accountable.

See more photos of the ACP tree cutting at Wintergreen here from the Nelson County Times.

Looking ahead to next week, Dominion is expected to return and complete tree removal on a private parcel at the end of Fortunes Ridge Drive. Given the tree felling deadline set to expire on the 15th of March, this remaining parcel is going to be cut very soon.

WPOA sent this email to Wintergreen property owners on March 6, 2018 at 8:30 am:

ACP contractors arrived this morning to begin cutting trees on WPOA property. Should WPOA receive media inquiries, we will provide the following statement:

The Wintergreen Property Owners Association (WPOA), while opposed to the location of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, understands and abides by the legal process that has led to the commencement of tree removal on WPOA property. While disappointed, the beginning of construction only increases our resolve to hold Dominion accountable for the financial and non-financial implications placed on our community by the presence of the pipeline. WPOA is committed to the best possible outcome for our community; one that provides fair treatment and security for our owners, employees, and guests.

WPOA remains committed to holding Dominion accountable for the taking of our property and the burden this project places on our community going forward.

Jay Roberts
Executive Director, Wintergreen Property Owners Association