Improvements on Reeds Gap Road not coming until 2019

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Last year VDOT made major improvements on the steep part of Route 664 in Augusta County that is attached to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Eroded ditches were filled with rip-rack, new drainage culverts were installed, and potholes were filled.  The Virginia Department of Highways had hopes of repaving it this year.

It's not going to happen until the Summer of 2019. 

VDOT's Kay Vance, Jr., Maintenance Operations Manager of the Harrisonburg Residency, who is working the contracts, said in late April that the resurfacing on Reeds Gap Road had been postponed until next summer due to funding restraints.

This part of Route 664 is the only primary road to Wintergreen that needs major resurfacing done. Two years ago the road from the end of Reeds Gap Road into Waynesboro was paved. The US Park Service gave the Blue Ridge Parkway here new blacktop in 2011. Much of Route 151's surface has been reworked over the last three years, and Route 664 from Route 151 was resurfaced three years ago.

Reeds Gap Road's steepness makes it not easy to pave. 

Reeds Gap Road's steepness makes it not easy to pave.