New Community Services Officer position created

Wintergreen Police has appointed Jeff Harris as its first Community Services Officer. "With over 28 years of experience and service to our community, CSO Harris brings a familiar face and a rich knowledge of our community’s history and traditions," said Dennis N. Russell, Chief of Wintergreen Police.

Officer Jeff Harris

Officer Jeff Harris

Russell says the new position is part of an "effort to enhance and improve our relationship with our citizens."

The CSO will assist in responding to and handling lesser priority calls for service, allowing patrol officers to be readily available to handle higher priority emergency calls for service. Officer Harris will handle "quality-of-life issues such as parking enforcement, speeding complaints. assisting with special events, road hazards, home and business security surveys and checks, and other community-specific needs," explained Chief Russell.

"Officer Harris will maintain close contact with local businesses, make public presentations, attend community functions, and provide that personal connection throughout our community," Russell added.

Officer Harris phone number is 434-325-1106.  He will work a flexible schedule, so expect to leave a message, or ask to speak to his supervisor, Administrator Lindsay Birckhead.