Knox Box: More safety for less $

Price on the Knox Box, installed, drops by $50

Many localities don't offer this service at all. And the majority of those communities where the Knox Box is offered, residents have to install it themselves.

Wintergreen Fire Department not only offers the security system, but it also installs Knox Box key boxes for both residential and commercial properties at Wintergreen. 

And, starting in March, Chief Curtis Sheets was able to drop the price on the boxes by $50 from $225 to $175 when the manufacturer put a new residential product on the market. 

knox box.jpg

Save another $25 in April 2018

Wintergreen property owners who purchase the WTG Fire Department Knox Box during April and use the promo code SAFE will save another $25 off of the new, lower $175 price.

What is a Knox Box?

With a Knox Box installed the Fire Department can easily and quickly gain access to your property without having to cause damage through forcible entry. Once installed, keys and alarm codes to the property are placed inside the UL-tested secure enclosure, with only Wintergreen Fire Department having access to the keys. Each access is recorded in the Knox Box system.

"It's easy to understand why the Knox Box is well-suited for a community such as Wintergreen with vacation homes," Sheets says. "Having a key to a home saves us time when responding, it is safer for our people, and it can reduce damages on the property. With a Knox Box in place, we have faster entry when responding to an emergency.

"Someone living alone might not be able to get to the door if they have a medical emergency. With a Knox Box, we can respond easily when they call," notes Sheets. 

For more details on the Knox Box system at Wintergreen and to sign up for a Knox Box, visit the fire and rescue website HERE.