New 'No Parking' signs prepare for possible ACP progress

Edited on January 27, 2018 to update the number of new No Parking signs on Wintergreen Drive, add a link to news reports on permitting progress, and change headline.

A dozen new white, black and red no parking signs have been planted on both sides of the first mile of Wintergreen Drive, starting next to Route 664 at the Wintergreen entryway. 

The new signage, installed this week, is the Wintergreen Property Owners Association's response to the potential of an influx of visitors in the coming weeks or months due to the proposed construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, explained Jay Roberts, WPOA's Executive Director. (At the same time this week, Roberts emailed a letter to all Wintergreen property owners stressing that no easements had been granted to the ACP and no tree cutting on WPOA property was occuring now.)

News reports indicate the ACP is seeing progress in their permitting and, like Wintergreen, that many public safety officials along the route of the controversial pipeline route are growing wary.

"We have never had a problem with people parking here on Wintergreen Drive," Roberts noted. But, if workers from the construction crews are coming, and perhaps protesters and the media, he explained that WPOA wanted to do what it could to ensure traffic up and down Wintergreen mountain was not impeded. 

"It is, however, legal for people to park along Beech Grove Drive. There is not as much we can do about that area, but where we can we'll keep our roads on and off the mountain easy to travel," Roberts said.

In an item in the Wintergreen community newsletters in December, Wintergreen Police Chief Dennis Russell noted some concerns about possible protests over the ACP work at Wintergreen. 

"Please know that we are working tirelessly to try and maintain the peace while still allowing individuals to exercise their First Amendment Rights in a safe environment," Russell said.

"Nevertheless, as a recognized state certified law enforcement agency we must ensure that the laws of the Commonwealth are recognized and enforced. In the wake of the recent civil unrest in Charlottesville we will endeavor to plan, analyze gathered intelligence, work closely with other law enforcement agencies, maintain open lines of communication within our community and continue to do all we can to provide a safe and secure environment for our homeowners to enjoy themselves on Wintergreen Mountain and Stoney Creek," Russell concluded.