Non-emergency Medical Transportation

Both of Wintergreen's neighbor organizations, (the Mountain Homesteaders and the valley association) have established a service to help neighbors requiring non-emergency medical transportation (i.e., travel to a doctor's office or a hospital). Transportation will be via the volunteer, or your own vehicle will be driven by a volunteer.

Contact a volunteer community coordinator to arrange travel. Please provide as much advance notice as possible.

Wintergreen's Police or the Wintergreen Fire & Rescue personnel can provide assistance where someone may have difficulty entering or exiting their home because of an infirmity

Non-emergency Medical Transportation Volunteer Coordinators

Mountain Coordinators:
Diane & Al Crannis - 325-7728
Yvonne Behm - 325-9112
Barbara Porter - 325-7314
Gunter & Joost Muller - 325-1167
Stu Harvey - 325-7171
Doug Stevenson - 301-933-6649

Valley Coordinators:
Carol Dworin - 361-2663
Ron Duddleston - 361-0172
Mary Gilliland - 361-2364
Pat & Steve Siragusa - 361-1601

NOTE: Call 911 if you have a medical emergency

Interested in being part of this worthwhile, informal community effort? Contact the president of your WTG neighborhood association.