Election to the Wintergreen Property Owners Association Board of Directors

From the WPOA Newsletters

The Wintergreen Property Owners Association membership elects seven people to its nine member board of directors, with two members appointed by the owners of Wintergreen Resort.

Qualified candidates for open positions are announced in the Annual Meeting Packet mailed to each property owner about six to eight weeks before the elections held in the fall at the annual meeting (proxy ballots are provided in each packet for mailing votes). Terms are staggered where there are typically two to three seats open for election on the board each year. Those elected serve a four-year term beginning after the fall election.

WPOA board members take part in guiding the affairs of the association by providing policy as well as guide and direct the Executive Director and the WPOA staff. Elected members are be expected to attend at least six regularly scheduled meetings annually and to participate as a member of at least one of the several WPOA board committees.

Community-minded property owners are urged to become involved in the governing of Wintergreen by running for election to the board. Property owners who have been active in the Mountain Homesteaders, the Wintergreen Valley Association, a condominium regime or worked with Wintergreen organizations such as the Wintergreen Performing Arts or the Nature Foundation are especially encouraged to run for a seat on the board.

Any property owner who are community-minded and is inclined by desire or their background to be of service to their fellow association members should seriously consider becoming a candidate for election to the board. 

Candidates for WPOA board should include all of the following information. It will be mailed to WPOA members in the annual mailing packet with instructions on voting. For the 2019 election, applications must be received no later than August 10th.

  • Full Name:

  • Wintergreen Lot Address:

  • Address: City: State: Zip:

  • Home Telephone:

  • Wintergreen Telephone:

  • Office Telephone:

  • Email Address:

  • Occupation Information:

  • Current or previous involvement in Wintergreen affairs, if any, as well as any other experience which applies to your interest in a position on the board:

  • Statement on why you wish to be a WPOA director and what you feel you could contribute to the organization operation. Please limit these remarks to 250 words or less:

Send this information by mail to the Board Nominating Committee Chairman, ℅ WPOA, 88 Wintergreen Drive, Roseland, VA 22967, or by email wpoa@aol.com.