WPOA: Tuckahoe Clubhouse Spring Flea Market Saturday, April 28

It’s that time of year again when we start getting ready for spring and clean from the attic to the basement. When you come across items you are ready to let go of, please donate them to the Tuckahoe Clubhouse Flea Market sponsored by WPOA. Last year we had a very successful sale thanks to your generosity.

Donate household items, sports equipment, accessories (belts, shoes jewelry, handbags) tools, games, garden items, electronics, books and more. PLEASE – NO clothing or baby items.

The sale will be from 8am to noon on Saturday, April 28 at the clubhouse. Bring your donated items on Friday, April 28th from 10 AM – 3 PM. We will price and arrange all goods.

Want to sell your own stuff? Outside spaces are available: Tables on the Lawn - $20; Covered Deck Space $30.00. Want reserve a spot/have questions?

Contact Karen Asher 434-361-2625; k.asher1@verizon.net