Update on the ACP from WPOA to members

Dear Fellow Property Owners,

As the Wintergreen Property Owners Association works through the complex issues regarding the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP), we want to take this opportunity to update you on the current status of the pipeline. The ACP will soon be submitting their formal proposal to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for approval. Their current proposed route includes construction across WPOA-owned property surrounding the resort’s entrance and exit. This is the ACP’s only proposed route through Nelson County. They have abandoned the earlier proposed route that would have gone through the northern part of the County.

Should the current proposed route be approved, there would be approximately two years of construction at Wintergreen’s entrance. Starting near Sherando Lake on the Augusta County side of Reid’s Gap, a mile-long tunnel would be drilled through the mountain, under the Blue Ridge Parkway and under the Appalachian Trail. Near the bottom of Reid’s Gap, the tunnel would go under Route 664, exiting across from the Wintergreen Gatehouse. The path of the pipeline would then once again go under Route 664 below the Wintergreen entrance sign, climb up the mountain on WPOA-owned land to Fortune’s Point and proceed on to Nellysford. All of this construction will require that a very large (approximately 300’ x 300’) staging area be established across from the Gatehouse. According to Dominion, the path of the pipeline would be a minimum of 125’ wide. The construction would create many safety concerns for anyone travelling on Route 664. All of the trees and native flora in the path of the pipeline and the staging area would be gone.

At a meeting of the WPOA Board of Directors held on Friday, August 7, 2015, a presentation was made by Jon Ansell, who has formed Friends of Wintergreen, Inc. (FOW) in an effort to persuade FERC that there are better routes than through the front yard of our resort. Many owners have become involved with FOW and the WPOA Board of Directors supports their efforts. Their initiatives argue that there are existing rights-of-way or other routes that should be considered for this mammoth project. They are working with Hank Theiss at Wintergreen Resort regarding the potential impact on the business of the resort and are working with local realtors regarding the negative effect on property values. The work of the FOW is centered on issues important to Wintergreen and to all property owners.

The FOW initiatives require hiring attorneys, preparation of impact statements, and numerous other efforts, all of which require money. They are going to need about $230,000 in donations. If you would like to help this important cause, please consider making a tax deductible contribution. Donations can be made on-line at www.FriendsofWintergreen.com or by check payable to Friends of Wintergreen, R.R. 1, Box 596, Roseland, VA 22967. For updates on the pipeline, visit the FOW Facebook page at www.facebook.com/friendsofwintergreen. If you have any questions, please contact David Schwiesow at 434-325-7001. Many Wintergreen owners have signed petitions, joined local organizations, volunteered at information tables, or written personal letters regarding the pipeline. FERC is obligated to review and consider all letters received. The FERC address and a list of public officials to whom comments can be sent can be found on the WPOA website at www.wtgpoa.org. On any correspondence, please reference Docket No. PF15-6-000. In addition to the efforts of FOW, it would be helpful for FERC to hear from Wintergreen property owners who are concerned about what the pipeline will mean to our lives, our environment and our community.

Thank you for your consideration in joining in the efforts to preserve the natural beauty, business and property values of our resort.


Ed Gilliam, President, Wintergreen Property Owners Association Board of Directors