Frequently Asked Questions of the Wintergreen Property Owners Association Architectural Review Board

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The common home improvements that require Architectural Review Board approval include:


Architectural Review Board e-mail inquiries can be sent to Jackie McCary or call 434-325-8537


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  • Any change to the exterior of the residence including doors, windows, new siding, etc.
  • Any re-painting of the exterior of the residence even when using “existing” colors.
  • Any re-roofing of the exterior (Note: Cedar shakes are no longer allowed due to fire regulations).
  • Any addition to your residence including garages, storage sheds, porches, etc. (Proposed additions must be at least 15 feet from the property line.)
  • Any stand-alone or attached structures including garages, storage sheds, retaining walls and entrance posts at edge of driveway.

Q. Do any interior changes on a home or condo need ARB review?

A. Interior changes are not reviewed by the ARB. Some condo associations at Wintergreen may have some restrictions. If you are in a rental program with Wintergreen Resort, it may be good to check their requirements.

Q. What are the rules and issues regarding fences for dogs?

A. The Wintergreen Covenants do not prohibit fences, but the type and location must be approved by the Architectural Review Board. Generally, the ARB has approved two (2) styles of fencing, a three or four  board fence, or a split rail fence. The fence cannot be higher than 48 inches and must be backed with a dark colored wire fencing if it is to keep animals in or out. To maintain the open nature and beauty of the community, the ARB does not allow boundary fences and suggests the perimeter of the fence be the minimum required for your pet. 

Q. Are trees and shrubs covered by the covenants?

A. Yes. The Wintergreen Covenants provide that any cutting of trees beyond 10 feet of the footprint of the house requires approval by WPOA. The ARB is encountering a number of instances where owners are cutting or re-pruning views without approval. WPOA/ARB is happy to work with owners to maintain their views; however, WPOA will not allow any cutting in open space or topping of trees.

Some owners do not know where their property boundaries are located which makes it difficult to ensure that approved pruning is on their property. Because of this, ARB often needs owners to locate the corner pins for their lot before approving any cutting.

The natural ground cover including wildflowers and ferns should be maintained. While the addition of trees and shrubs near the house typically do not need approval, major landscaping changes including extensive plantings, permanent walkways, changes in driveways, retaining walls, etc., require advance ARB approval.

Two Wintergreen property owners have received substantial fines ($50K each) for unauthorized cutting in open space. One owner was criminally investigated for unauthorized cutting in open space. If you have questions or concerns regarding tree cutting, planting or pruning do not hesitate to call the WPOA/ARB office at 434-325-8537 or 8533. They will be happy to meet with you or your contractor at your property.

Q. Who is responsible for the open space.

A. The Wintergreen Property Owners Association is responsible for the open spaces within Wintergreen. Many home lots adjoin these open spaces which is the common area owned by all property owners. These areas are protected for the benefit of all residents. There should be no cutting of vegetation, creation of pathways or other alterations to open space areas without prior approval from WPOA/ARB.

Q. Who is responsible for the areas next to the golf courses or ski slopes?

A. The resort has a 30-foot easement into any lot adjoining the golf course or ski slope. Any activity in this area including cutting, landscaping or the addition of a structure needs the approval of resort as well as the ARB.

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