About OurWintergreen

OurWintergreen.org strives to provide a useful, detailed picture of the here and now of this unusual community.

Since it is impossible to easily define, OurWintergreen seeks to create a picture of Wintergreen much like how the different-sized pieces of color and texture within a mosaic makes a complete image. Some pieces are large, other pieces are tiny, but the artwork is incomplete without most every piece. Thus it will be with this ever-evolving website.  Heavily relying on the online efforts of others in and around Wintergreen, eventually OurWintergreen touches on a wide variety of community topics, from managing trash to festivals, waterfalls, and skiing to many of the volunteer groups, and impressive individual efforts.

One conclusion: Wintergreen's best days are today and there are reasons to think even better days are coming. That sounds like hype, and Wintergreen isn't perfect. But the facts speak for themselves and what they say is impressive.

Different people describe Wintergreen differently, depending on how they approach it. It's a beautiful four-season resort. It's a leafy subdivision. Wintergreen is a vacation get-away in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. It's a country club. It's a nature preserve. Wintergreen is a site for weddings, music festivals–and athletic obstacle course contests. It's exclusive. Wintergreen is open to everyone.

Wintergreen is in a national forest. It's in Nelson County, Va., (or Augusta County). It's a NORC. It's a vacation place. Wintergreen is a corporation. It's suburbia. It's expensive. It's affordable. It's free.

It would be easy to make a good case for each of those descriptions, depending on who is describing what. Each one alone is wrong. One thing is clear, however: Wintergreen, now over 40-years-old, is a success.

Like the blind men who came upon the elephant, when we put the parts together more clear image of Wintergreen emerges. That's is the goal of OurWintergreen.

-Charles Batchelor, Addcontext. info@ourwintergreen.org

July 2019